Best Business Schools in California 2020

Locating the best business schools in California may set students up for success in academic pursuits and their future professions. Undergraduate business degrees are extensive and well-rounded degrees, which can be customized to fit future career objectives and a student’s interests. The mentioned programs not only provide the best undergraduate business certification but also pave the way for business students planning higher education later in the business field. The best schools in California for business may combine an undergraduate business program into master’s levels to give business students a head start into their graduate studies.

Best Business Schools in California for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies 2020

In most cases, students fancy attending classes in physical classrooms. This resolution makes the location of the business college of upmost importance. But even if students opt to take courses online, looking for the best undergrad business schools in California, within the student’s resident state, is very important. Many public undergrad business colleges and universities provide a significantly lower tuition fee for students with in-state residency. Therefore, taking a look at the best business schools in California can end up being valuable for students narrowing down their undergraduate faculty decisions.

Almost 100 of the institutions provide a bachelor’s degree in the field of business management. This ranking of the best business schools in California can help you discover the best business schools in California!

Here are the complete rankings of 2020 best business schools in California.


The University of Southern California is awarded as the #1 university among all the best business schools in California. USC is a private university with a vast student body of over 43,400 pupils. The campus is situated in Los Angeles and provides an impressive 116 undergraduate diploma options by using their 19 schools and colleges. Pupils can score a well-accepted Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration program in this school. The application can be finished in 128-134 credit arrangements, or on average.

This university offers different types of Cinematic Arts, International Relations, Real Estate Finance, and World Programs. There is a variety of minors as well, including but not limited to Business Law, Organizational Leadership, Technology Commercialization, and Consumer Behavior. USC is committed to helping students achieve their targets and potential. Because of this, their diploma programs choose a unique format that allows students to have a variety of courses from many subject areas. Southern California’s University has certified with the Western Association of Colleges and Schools, Senior College and University Commission.

One of their many recognitions, U.S. News and World Report ranked USC that the Best Undergraduate Business School in the Nation. The Princeton Review pitched the university as one of the best regional schools in the west. While fees at the University of Southern California are highest in our record, this college aim at helping students achieve their goals and become the professionals of the future. Graduates of Southern California University enjoy distinguished alumni and have reported wages of $56,100 in their early careers. There is no doubt in this university being the best of the best undergraduate business schools in California


Are you looking for the best undergraduate business program with exceptional prospects for future employment? Look no farther than the University of California — Berkeley ranking at the second spot in our best business schools in California.

Novelty, a worldwide prognosis, cognitive growth, and also research are a couple of traits that distinguish the University of California–Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. If you want to consider U.C.–Berkley, its business school produces leaders and is innovative. You will be students who think and solves problems socially conscious and confident.

So what makes Haas School of Business rank among the ten best business schools in California? Perhaps it is the said mission to”grow leaders that redefine the way we do business” The curriculum provides students with a good comprehension of its role in society and how a business operates. Students receive training in finance, bookkeeping, marketing, business communication, and behaviour. However, they also fulfil “breadth” requirements that expose them to the arts and sciences. In Cal shape that is authentic, they become critical thinkers–a characteristic in a continuously changing global market.

UC Berkeley is a Student, public school that is an associate of the University of California System. The campus houses over 38,000 students per semester, and it has. You will find over 350 undergraduate degrees, including a lively Bachelor of Science. The app can be completed at 120 credit hours and includes the chance to announce a concentration in International Study.


Launched in 1919, The University of California–Los Angeles is an institute famous as UCLA. The University of California ranks at number three among the best business schools in California and provides its Bachelor’s degree in business via its economics section. The Business Economics B.A. level at UCLA is different from many undergrad business programs. UCLA’s program strictly focuses on the company part of economics.

The Anderson School of Management offers these branches and concentrations: accounting, consulting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, and general management, healthcare management, human resources management, international business, leadership, manufacturing and engineering management, advertising, production/operations direction, organizational behaviour, portfolio management, real estate, and distribution chain management/logistics, along with engineering.

There is a specialized student society called UBC (University Business Council) founded at the Department of Economics. UBC is present to aid with company-related events on campus and employment opportunities.

Students can earn a business degree through the Fully Employed MBA or Executive MBA programs on weekends and evenings. The college partners with MBA students, along with the National University of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez and Singapore, to offer an International Executive MBA have immersion trips, exchange programs, and field studies that are global to take into account.


Santa Clara University is a reputable business college founded in Santa Clara, California, in 1851 and is also one of the best schools for business studies. The university ranks at #4 in our best business schools in California. The Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara is unique in its focus on sustainability and community. The school has applications for pupils to practice what they’re learning in the city.

Leavey School of Business offers eight Faculties. Pupils have the freedom to plan their major in business. A bachelor’s degree in Business at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business prepares you for a life of leadership, service, and scholarship.

Leavey’s Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative is a joint venture with Santa Clara’s Prospering Neighbors Initiative to contribute to areas. Pupils in the business program develop abilities concerning sustainability during the Sustainability Program and the Co-Creative Control.


Pepperdine university sits at the fifth rank among the best business schools in California for BBA. The BSc Management degree of Pepperdine University has accreditation from AACSB and Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Senior College and University Commission. The worldwide rankings place Pepperdine University at #48 at the Best Undergrad Business Program.

Around the mountains in Malibu, California, Pepperdine University stays with a clear view of the Pacific Ocean. It has the Business Administration Division. It is multinational, while the college consistently ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful universities. Its AACSB accreditation distinguishes it from other schools.

The Princeton Review also lists this university among the very best universities in the west. Graduates with Bachelor’s degrees from Pepperdine have claimed to get an average yearly salary of $48,600 as a starting point in their career, while estimated tuition and fees for four years of attendance is just one of the greatest on our list at $193,368. But this fee is worth it studying in one of the best business schools in California.

In Pepperdine’s Seaver College, the Business Administration Division expects to develop leaders with sway, integrity, and management skills. The business program builds on Seaver’s liberal arts education. The college has four classes and three minors for undergrads.

In line with Pepperdine’s assignment, the undergraduate business management prepares students to become support leaders throughout the BA598 undertaking. The project combines community support and academic study, representing the worth of the Church of Christ heritage.

Many of the programs at Pepperdine are made with working professionals in mind. As a result of this, their classes and degree plans are provided in varying formats that could accommodate any student’s requirements. The Bachelor of Science in Management level through the Graziadio School of Business and Management is no exception. Students may complete their coursework on the internet or in person with scheduling options available.


The school aims to produce business entrepreneurs and leaders who work to build a more humane and just world. The USF proudly sits at sixth rank among the best business schools in California.

The School of Management at the USF holds the elite industry certification from AACSB, also Provides an Associate’s of Science in Business Administration diploma. The WACS regionally accredits that. Graduates having Bachelor’s degrees from the University of San Francisco claim to earn an average cover of $51,100 in their careers.

The University of San Francisco has been rated # 114 from U.S. News and World Report and was realized by the Princeton Review as one of the best regional schools in the west. The four years of tuition and charges at the University of San Francisco is 170,536.

USF College of Management would be San Francisco’s business college and the most versatile best business schools in California. For graduating students that were low school, it is rated as a top-rated curriculum among the most entrepreneurial schools in the united states. The faculty also ranks highly because of its ecological and sustainability practices.

There are eight immersion choices out there for students looking for their BSBA, which all may be completed within approximately 120 credit hours. The concentration choices are Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Hospitality Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing, International Business, and Organizational Behavior and Leadership.


The LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY boasts The College of Business Administration that is closely associated with the Roman Catholic tradition and Is Currently in Westchester, Los Angeles, California. Its undergraduate business program focuses on professional and academic training.

This private four-year university is an incubation centre for 9,392 students every semester and is the seventh out of ten best business schools in California. The average class size in LMU is a teacher to pupil ratio. Participants are encouraged to participate in internship and professional improvement opportunities starting in their Freshman year. The extracurricular activities at this university make this university one of the best undergrad business schools in California.

The College of Business Administration awards a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, which can be completed in 120 credit hours for the specialities of Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS), Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Management. There is a Bachelor’s of Science provided in Accounting that’s 126 credit hours in duration and can include some business-related course work.

By giving a global outlook on business, students are prepared by its Research Abroad program.

Graduates of Loyola Marymount University join a group of alumni and report earning $50,300 in their careers. The cost of four decades of tuition and tuition is $171,180. Even though this is a significant investment, pupils at Loyola Marymount University are able to talk about their ideas and become business leaders in ways that other universities don’t offer.


USD School of Business is stationed in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The school is minutes from the shores and Downtown San Diego. The school’s location and sources make it is a perfect place to receive your Bachelor’s degree in business and feel proud of studying in one of the best business schools in California.

The USD is a four-year, private university stationed in San Diego, CA. There are seven colleges on campus with over 42 bachelor levels provided to 8,251’s pupil body. Seven specialization choices are included by the BBA program at the University of San Diego in the areas of Real Estate, Business Administration, Business Economics, Accounting, Marketing, International Business, and Finance. The Accounting speciality is unique in that students may choose to sub-specialize within the field of Accounting as well.

The Bachelors of Business Administration BBA at the University of San Diego is famous for the best paradigms in business education. The fees at the University of San Diego for four years is usually between 160000 to $178,344. The average graduate from USD earns a minimum of 51000 dollars during the initial career journey.

The USD School of Business undergrads provides eight business specialities and 22 business sub-specialities. The little classes create an environment for students to get and for professors to be aware of their pupils and Assist USD undergrads in their projects and internships to develop skills. USD is definitely one of the best business schools in California.


Argyros includes three business programs. You can Pick the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, or the Bachelor of Science in Dentistry in Economics. Even the B.S. in Accounting degree facilitates students with a thorough and open approach to business and accounting. The university is placed at ninth rank in our list of best business schools in California.

Chapman University is situated in Orange, a beautiful place in California that is very close to Los Angeles. Chapman University is ranked under the top 10 best business schools in California, comprising over 8,305 pupils. Their significance of supporting diversity, linking into the community, and developing a personalized instruction for each pupil permeate throughout the campus and may be found through small class sizes, in addition to through different associations and internship opportunities.

The application can be completed in 120 credit hours and contains specialist internship opportunities. The concentration areas offered are Entrepreneurship, Business Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Real Estate.

Argyros School of Economics and Business is one of the top business schools from around the world. U.S. News and World Report rated Chapman University #150 at the Best Undergraduate Business Schools class. The Princeton Review also listed among the most effective regional schools in the west them. The practical exposure at Chapman university makes it one of the best business schools in California.

Participants with a Bachelor’s degree from Chapman University have reported getting $47,200 in their careers. The typical cost tuition and fees are $189,040, making one that will undoubtedly benefit students, although Chapman University a significant investment in their career paths.


The Eberhardt School of Business at the College of the Pacific is the AACSB accredited institution in Stockton, California. Eberhardt has two business-related clubs and organizations to supply resources for pupils in the undergrad program, and the school also has five centres and institutes to market research.

The Eberhardt School of Business was also ranked #248 at the Best Undergraduate Business School category and is ranked #10 among the best business schools in California for BBA. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting enables students to become specialists for tasks in the government-corporate, or other areas. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration hosts seven areas of focus. The fee structure is quite flexible as compared to other best business schools in California.

The Pacific’s University is the college in the country of California. The private college situated in Stockton, California, and is home to 6,281 students. The campus offers over 60 undergraduate level programs and sits on 13 acres. The Eberhardt School of Business is the best out of 10 departments in the university and also provides an excellent Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration program That May be completed in an average of four years.

The faculty offers a Bachelor of Science in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. There are seven subspecialties to choose from the available ones. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting enables students to be specialists for jobs in other areas, the authorities, or corporate. The BSc in Business Administration provokes students to transform into future professionals and leaders within their fields.

We hope that you have now searched for your dream place from our list of the best business schools in California for your future business studies as an entrepreneur of tomorrow. The decision you make today about selecting from the best business schools in California will set you apart from the competitors and will surely help in pursuing a quality career.

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